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Defoamer For Glutamate Fermentation

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: XinSihai
Model: D120-G
Min. Order: 200kg
Anti-foaming Agent for fermentation D120-G
Main composition:
Polydimethylsiloxane, food emulsifying agent, dispersing agent, clear water

Technical index:
Appearance: milk white or light yellow viscous liquid
PH: 6-8
Effective constituent: 10%-50%
Ionic type: nonionic

Application scope and characteristics
The product is designed mainly according to the characteristics of the fermentation industry, with strong temperature tolerance. After sterilization in the 130oC high temperature, it doesn't break the emulsion. It can eliminate the bubbles quickly, and keep the foam away for a long time. It can be widely used in the fermentation industry of glutamic acid, gentamicin, avilamycin, xanthan gum, etc. It can also be used in the fermentation of dairy food, starch, beverage, etc.
Method of application
It can be added directly in the base material, can also be added in the later supplementary food into the pot. The recommended dosage is 0.5‰-1‰.

Packaging and storage
(1) The product is packed in 50kg polyethylene drum or 200kg internal coating iron drum, or upon customers' request.
(2) Please keep in dry and ventilated place, away from rain, direct sunlight, separate from strong acid, strong alkali and other toxic articles.
(3) The storage period is 12 months, in case of exceeding that period, stratification will occur, but it can be used if it is qualified after inspection.
(4) The product should be transported as non-dangerous articles.
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