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Food Grade Powder Defoamer

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: XinSihai
Model: SH-120-C
Price: USD 3.39 / kg
Min. Order: 200kg kg
I. Main composition
Modified polysiloxane, emulsifier, dispersing agent,clear water

II. Main technical index
Appearance: white solid powder
PH: 6~8
Non-volatile Matter: 15%~25%
Water-solubility: easy to disperse in water

III. Application Scope and Characteristics
The product is used for defoamer in bean products and diary food processing industry. It has the characteristics of short time defoamer, long time antifoam, good solubility & stability.
IV. Method of Application
Add the product into soybean milk with 0.1%~0.5% dosage of the dry bean when stirring. The best dosage is up to customer’s experiment result.

V. Packaging, Storage & Delivery
1. Packed in 50kg PE drum or upon customers’ request.
2. Please keep in dry and ventilated place, away from rain, direct
sun light, strong acid, strong alkali and salts.
3. The storage period is 12 months since the date of production, in case of exceeding that period, stratification may occur, but it can be used after inspection if it is qualified after inspection.
4. The product should be transported as non-dangerous articles.
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