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Car Throttle Controller

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: potentbooster
Model: TS
Price: CNY 1000 / set
Min. Order: 1 set
(1) the POTENT BOOSTER electronic throttle accelerator, improve vehicle acceleration, improving automotive electronic throttle hysteresis, improve throttle sensitivity, enjoy the fun to drive. (2) solve the problem of the electronic throttle response lag. Start this will effectively avoid the car, the sudden channeling phenomenon before. (3) improve the throttle sensitivity, driving more easily. Especially in the competitive drive, due to the frequent direction of overtaking, need frequent switch throttle and brakes, after installing the POTENT BOOSTER, the gas will become sensitive, easy and will be more comfortable driving. (4) product package three policies: invalid return, change new, 1 year warranty 3 years!
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