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Popular Copper Bar From China

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: Jinge
Price: CNY 5 / pieces
Min. Order: 1 piece pieces
Product name Copper Bar
Material Purple copper or tinned copper
Size  customized
MOQ 200kg
Application Power,electric.connector. etc.
Packing packed in cartons or wooden cases.
Payment method T/T

Copper bar is a large electric current product is used in electrical engineering products, high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contact, power distribution equipment, busbar, also widely used in metal smelting, chemical plating, chemical caustic soda and other large current electrolysis smelting project. We supply the electrical copper has the advantages of low resistivity, folding curves etc..
Copper also known as copper busbar, grounding copper bar is made of copper material, rectangular or chamfer (rounded) now are generally rounded so as to avoid tip discharge, long rectangular conductor, made of aluminium material called aluminum row, a carrying current and connected electrical equipment function in a circuit. At present, the quality requirements of copper busbar are GB/T 5585.1-2005 standard.

Copper bar common size: 
TMY-30*3, TMY-30*4, TMY-40*3, TMY-40*4, TMY-40*5, TMY-50*3, TMY-50*4, TMY-50*5, TMY-50*6, TMY60*5, TMY-60*6, TMY-60*8, TMY-80*6, TMY-80*8, TMY*80*10, TMY-100*8, TMY-100*10, TMY-100*12, TMY-120*10, TMY-120*12, TMY-125*8, TMY-125*10, TMY-125*12.5, TMY-150*10, TMY-150*12, TMY-160*10, TMY-160*12

Our advantages:
My company production of copper by high quality brass and copper as raw material, the process of refining production and reasonable product size, according to customer demand pull off fine processing, tolerance accuracy can be up to + 0.03, and good surface finish, with annealing furnace, annealing and processing for customers.

Our services
1.providing professional advises & operation.
2.custom services online with 24 hours.
3.full inspection on all the products before shipment.
4.shipping & price term: EXW, FOB, CIF
5.OEM is available
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