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Serum Separation Gel / Blood Separation Gel

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: desheng
Model: 25kg/barrel
Price: USD 12 / barrel
Min. Order: 1 barrel barrel
[Product Name] Serum separation gel (radiation resistant)
[Specification] 20kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel
[Product Performance] The product is colorless and transparent colloid with light smell and no impurities; it is physiologically inert and insoluble in water, with a relative specific gravity of 1.045-1.065g/cm3, a viscosity of 100,000-300,000 centipa, and a volatile content of ≤ 1.5%. It has excellent thixotropic and isolation properties. See the product test report for other properties.
[Scope of application] This product is specially used for manufacturing disposable vacuum blood collection tube and injection blood collection tube, as a necessary materials for the storage, transmission and transfer of high-quality serum and blood samples in clinical test.
[Validity] 36 months
Desheng is an established blood test reagent company with 14 years of R&D and production experience. It has a lot of research on blood collection additives. Enterprises or individuals in need of serum separation gel can directly contact 15071057538(Wechat same number) . We look forward to your calls, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow!
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