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250Kw On Grid Inverters

Detailed Selling Lead Description
250KW solar grid inverter power system includes PV modules, 250kw on grid inverter, and meter and power switchboard. The PV modules convert the solar energy to the DC power, then the grid-connected inverter the DC power to the sine wave AC power which has the same frequency and phase with the grid voltage, and then the AC power FEED-in the grid partly and the other power supply the local loads, it can save any surplus electricity.
Active and passive two kinds of power brown-out detection, to achieve control of anti-island.
with Wide DC input voltage range.
EMC priority, Strong anti-interference ability.
Fed into the grid mode selectable low frequency transformer.
Inverter current double closed-loop control, low current harmonic content , pollution-free and non-shock to grid.
Perfect protection and alarm functions.
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